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Customer Behaviour
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an effective marketing tool that increases customer loyalty by allowing the retailer to understand customer behaviour and provide customers with relevant product and service propositions through direct communication and relevant store experience.

Social Media
Digital Market Intelligence

We help you design effective multi-device and channel communication strategies and optimise the online and mobile experiences that you deliver; so that you increase your competitive edge across all channels and devices.


Our solutions include regional market analyses, target group localization, sales territory planning, digital maps such as purchasing power and regional market data as well as appraisals of real estate, locations and sales networks for the industry, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Create new demand

A road map for expanding your product offerings that anticipates consumers’ future needs will ensure you’re a few moves ahead of the competition. We can help evolve your strategies so they’ll work as well tomorrow as they do today.


Trended information on brand sales, market share, distribution, price, and other key measures are delivered via an interactive platform which allows customisation of analysis and queries. Data is available on a continuous subscription or ad-hoc basis.

DataNamed Key Account Data

An innovative KA Data Content Management service is provided whereby sales data of individual retailers, supplied to us on a periodical basis are coded to meet the requirements of the different users, either in sales, marketing or at the top management level. Data is delivered in database format for deep dive analysis or through an online interactive dashboard.


Augmented Reality is the future.
Shows offers directly on the screen.
Usable on different kind of mobiles.
Young and old can use it thanks to the easy user-interface.


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  • Market Research Set-up & Design

  • Market Research Fieldwork

  • Processing/Tabulations

  • Analysis & Interpretation

  • Services Reporting

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