7 Webdesign Trends 2018

How Dubai is carving out a place alongside cities like Singapore as a hub for innovative ideas

All designers are highly interested in being up to date with the latest news and solutions in the field, and it is also necessary to know about current trends and especially web design trends in 2018 in the market. In fact, web design is so dynamic, that thing considered the fresh and modern couple of years ago nowadays may seem to be completely out of date. Therefore, it’s very important to know cutting-edge trends and make monitoring of changes that occur. Every designer should understand that it is a continuous process of gaining new skills and knowledge. Let’s figure out what are the trends for web design in 2018 and what predictions. In our works, we always take into account the trend in design and combine the requirements and wishes of the client with modern styles.

Patterns, Lines and Circles; Geometric Shapes This very trend appeared in 2016, gained its popularity in 2017 and will continue to develop in 2018. Using mixed forms and patterns on the page, it is possible to achieve great results. First of all, design and layout appearance is highly appreciated in the design field. Flat design and material design are to be combined greatly with decorative elements and simple shapes. 2D design continues to exist; still, some changes have occurred.

Bright Colours; Let’s add bright colours and declare boldly ourselves! Material design and flat design combine perfectly with juicy ones. Colours transition is amongst the actual and contemporary trends in modern design. Instagram Company has first decided to change corporate images and logos. They have changed flat colours to multi-coloured gradients and transition ones. Logos, buttons, and other elements have got a new style. This is the 2017 trend and we assume that it will continue to be used in 2018. It is important to mix colours in a right way to avoid flashy colours.

Unique Pictures and Graphics; Graphic design gets cramped as a part of ordinary web design. It has a significant potential that hasn’t been fully discovered. Therefore, I assume that in 2018 we will see how graphic illustrations will be gaining more popularity. I suggest you get acquainted with some areas that are of great interest to designers. Sketch art. This crafting theme has captured business, and handmade have won the printed matters. This trend continues to develop in web design as well.

Line art icons; Contour drawing will continue to be in use in web design trends 2018. For example, in case of patterns creating and complex icons (they win in stock ones due to the level of visual performance).

Photo Content; An approach to photo content remains relevant in web design trends 2018 at e-commerce sites, along with similar images avoiding in stores in favour of unique author’s photographs. It is interesting that the reasons are obvious: more than 60% of users believe that the decisive factor of a purchase is using unique pictures and photos, so e-stores should give them maximum attention. Great photos are the first step to be successful in selling. If you need a unique and recognisable design, just collaborate with a digital designer. You need to avoid stock photos and switch your attention to original and unique graphic images. Yes, the stock ones continue to gain its popularity, however, there has been a really interesting trend that will continue to develop in 2018 – an individual approach to design and graphics. It is the individuality, which will certainly highlight your exclusivity in one or another field of expertise!

Animation; Nowadays animated objects are literally everywhere: in logos, icons at sites and applications, transitions between objects states in the material design. Sometimes, even in the mass mailing, an interactive one can get through: it acquires background video, as well as an integrated order processing, and full-fledged menus. Video and GIF of superior quality, that are working on a continuous cycle offer a real smooth visual pleasure for our eyes are considered as a popular way of adding some drama and movement to pages. And it successfully retains visitor’s attention for a long time.

Extensions; Old and well-known PNG, JPG, and even GIF images are a thing of the past. In the modern world, more attention is paid to the quality of images, and their accessibility. SVG will be the #1 most popular extension and deserves to stand side by side with other items in web design trends 2018. Easy to scale and no loss of quality. Additionally, the size of SVG files is in many respects very acceptable. This will be the best format for graphic elements. Regarding the software, Sketch will displace Photoshop. Sketch even now makes easier and faster to create website layout. Its functionality has largely surpassed Photoshop, and we believe that in 2018 the difference will become very significant, as the result Adobe will lose part of users – web and UI designers.

Professional Social; Networks Okay, we understand what direction the trends of web design will develop, but what about social networks? Shall we rethink them? Or pay additional attention? Definitely yes, most popular Behance and Dribbble will be more powerful and authoritative. Your artworks on these social networks will significantly increase the recognition of your brand. In 2018, the design will continue to follow the main design trends of 2017; still, they will be supplemented with fresh and bright ideas and colours. It is worth noting that design is one of the most important phases of web development. Which takes up to 30% of the time.